fighting for a new world

that would rise up like the sun

"He’s back."

"Who?" Enjolras didn’t need to be told; he knew perfectly well that Joly meant Grantaire.


"Yeah. Got it. Take my other patients, would you?"

Drink with me, to days gone by…

Nevertheless, the gayest of all.  All these incoherences, young, notional, sickly, joyous, got along very well together, and the result was an eccentric and agreeable person whom his comrades, prodigal of consonants, called Jolllly. “You can fly upon four L’s,” said Jean Prouvaire 


Les Amis de l’ABC


Joly was the “malade imaginaire” junior. What he had won in medicine was to be more of an invalid than a doctor. At three and twenty he thought himself a valetudinarian, and passed his life in inspecting his tongue in the mirror. He affirmed that man becomes magnetic like a needle, and in his chamber he placed his bed with its head to the south, and the foot to the north, so that, at night, the circulation of his blood might not be interfered with by the great electric current of the globe. During thunder storms, he felt his pulse. Otherwise, he was the gayest of them all.

singing the song of angry men
it is the music of the people
who will not be slaves again

he looks so worried 


My mothers friend sat me down and told me that If I was her daughter she would make me change the way I dress. She said that parents of the lgbtq youth can be as supportive as they can but it doesn’t change the way a lot of narrow minded people think about us and our sexuality and gender. Not everyone is going to be understanding. For my safety she recommended I start dressing more feminine and let my hair grow out.

I looked at her straight in the face and said in the most genuine and respectful way, “Camille, this is a dangerous planet we live on and there are some disgusting people. But I’m not changing the way I look for the comfort of others. If I’m going to get the life beaten out of me for looking the way I do then so be it but this is me and I’m not changing.”

sebastian stan + chris evans surprised by their own mildly gay responses

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